Get paid for signing up on
our advertisers' websites.

We will pay you for just signing up to receive newsletters
and for creating new accounts on many different websites.

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MicroSignups is a micro jobs website that pays people cash for just signing up to receive newsletters and creating new accounts on our advertisers’ websites. The way it works is very simple: each day when you log into your account, you will be presented with many advertising links. You will need to click each link to visit a website and signup, then you will submit the username or email you used to signup on the advertiser’s website. You will get paid $0.05 cents for each completed job. Jobs normally take about 30 seconds or less to complete.

Notice: we are not a Multi-Level-Marketing, Pyramid, nor a Get-Rich-Quick scheme. Do not expect to get rich using this website. But, you will make some money to pay for things like: an extra tank of gasoline, school books, or any small bill. Payments are process on Mondays and there is no minimum payment.